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Site Info

This site is the work of Glen Turvey. As you may have noticed, it makes extensive use of javascript. Most of the more sophisticated features utilise the jQuery JavaScript Library. But there is far more built on top of this. Almost every plugin has been dissected, digested, and re-coded by me to get the outcome I was looking for. Here's a list of all the base code libraries & snippets I've leveraged off to construct this site:

  • The Spacegallery jQuery plugin is so special that it made it to my Home page!
  • Shadowbox Media Viewer by Michael J I Jackson is used in all the galleries, and more.
  • I use the BeautyTips jQuery plugin on the Contact page as part of the field validation.
  • Contact form verification image (CAPTCHA) is provided by WebSpamProtect
  • And last, but not least, is The Turning Gate web gallery plugin's for Adobe Lightroom by Matthew Campagna. This is where I first came across the Shadowbox galleries, and Matthew's work has continually inspired me to do more with my own galleries.

Read on to find out more about what's under the hood...

Site Map

A basic site map is available for this site here:   Glen Turvey - Site Map.


I've built this site to be as flexible as possible, but there's no doubt that it needs a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels. You may also need to use a "view full screen" option on your browser to see all the text surrounding images in the galleries. To get the best viewing quality, you should set your monitor's contrast and brightness so you can see each segment in this box:


Galleries are indexed using Matthew Campagna's PHP based Auto Index. This is such a useful system, that I restructured my whole site just to make use of it.

After following the indexes, you arrive at a gallery page. These are made with thumbnails (140 pixels) which are about 3kb each. Clicking a thumbnail invokes the Shadowbox viewer (assuming you have javascript running) and loads a larger image (750 pixels on the longest side). These are about 150kb each. This larger view will also give the caption, location, and other technical shooting data where available.

Now if you're not running javascript, images from the galleries will open in a blank page in your browser. Not so pretty, but functional.


Most of the graphics on the site have been created by Glen Turvey. I use Photoshop to create the layout for each section of the site. Then, when I'm happy with it, I attempt to make it “live” in html. Not always easy! Many of the icons on this site have been sourced from Dry Icons, who's range of free icons is stunning!

Coding Technology

I code the concept for each page of the site manually, and then build Adobe Lightroom gallery exports to automate the generation of the many individual galleries.

Use of style sheets and java script is extensive, but if you turn them off you should still be able to navigate the site. The contact form can only be used with javascript (it's required to validate the user), but other than that everything else should work.

All pages are tested with the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and Microsoft's Internet Explorer. I also test in IE6, IE7, and IE8 because they're all so different, but unfortunately it's not viable for me to test with older versions of every browser. Since browsers are free, I'd encourage you to use latest versions, and keep away from Internet Explorer if at all possible!

Please contact me if you find a broken link, or if any of the pages don't appear to be functioning properly.

Valid Markup

The web is a minefield of non-compliant sites and browsers, and then there are all those hacks to get around them. So wherever possible I make my pages fully compliant. Tidying up the web has to start somewhere, so this is my small contribution: